SPEECHES + WRITING                                                                                   

SPEECHES + PRESENTATIONS: (Starting at $100 and depending on length)

We have experience in writing wedding speeches, corporate speeches, presentations, and more. if you're looking for help adding some engaging humor and content we can help. We will consult with you for 1/2 an hour to make sure that we fully understand your needs and goals before we begin writing. All projects include two edits after completion. 

PUNCHING UP - (Please contact for pricing as it depends on type, length, and duration of project.)

If you already have a completed work or a work in progress and would like help with adding some humor or punching up existing we can help. 

DATING PROFILE PERFECTION - $1050.00 - We will make you the funniest, smoothest, sexiest, whatever you need to be for whoever you need to be it for. Guaranteed results. 

Contact booking@dirtsugarmedia.com for all inquiries

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