Influencer marketing is more than a marketing trend. Strategic campaigns can generate brand awareness, reach new audiences, and drive quality leads. Whether you’re looking to highlight a new product or encourage potential customers to convert, Dirt Sugar Media can help you use influencer Marketing to achieve your goals across the funnel. We have experience in creating and executing successful campaigns within all budgets.



Earn Credibility And Trust Through Authentic Content

Increase Loyalty And Brand Affinity

Gain Exposure To New Audiences

Marketing is no longer about generalized content or messaging; it’s about developing useful, high-quality content and delivering it to targeted audiences. This in turn generates stronger leads, nurtures customers through the sales cycle, and establishes brands as authoritative leaders in their industry.


  • Hand-pick influencers for your brand

  • Determine the most effective audience size for your campaign

  • Develop deep relationships with top niche leaders

  • Analyze real-time performance of the campaign with analytics

  • Show the effectiveness and overall reach across multiple channels

  • Integrate influencer content throughout your site and owned channels for added value

Contact us at for a quote as all projects have different budgets and needs. Keep in mind that a successful campaign takes a few weeks to plan and execute. 


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