Manuscript Review

If you have a completed manuscript, and you aren’t sure whether to commit to a full edit yet, we will review your manuscript and provide general feedback in the form of an edit letter.

Blurb Polish

Need help streamlining your back-cover copy? We'd be happy to help you refine it in a way that makes your story shine and attracts potential readers. This is the most affordable service you can purchase.

Developmental Edit

In a developmental edit, we will examine big-picture concerns, such as structure, point of view, pacing, characterization, and more. Since this is the most comprehensive service I offer, it is also the most time-consuming, so please bear that in mind.

Line edit

Second in scale only to a developmental edit, a line edit addresses the work at a sentence and paragraph level. We determine appropriate word choice, point out repetition, and things of that nature.


Here, we're just hitting the basics. With a copyedit/proofread, we will make sure your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are up to snuff. This is typically the final step of edits once you’ve polished your manuscript.

Please also consider our BETA READING


Contact us at booking@dirtsugarmedia.com for a quote as projects vary in price due to length and your needs. We offer discounts for bundled services.

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