BETA READING                                                                                                         

The beta readers on our team are intelligent experienced readers who provide constructive criticism and logical feedback to authors. Each reader has signed a nondisclosure agreement that guarantees your manuscript remains confidential. At Dirt Sugar Media we strive for excellence. 


What Is included:


      1/2 hour consultation before your beta readers start to ensure that all your wants and needs are addressed

  • In-depth feedback from experienced beta readers who are familiar with your genre

  • Our detailed Beta Reader Questionnaire and comments throughout your manuscript

  • A rating (0 to 5 stars), which allows you to know how other readers might rate your book if published at this time


How It Works:

  • Contact Dirt Sugar Media (contact form below) to make a request and email a five-page sample of the book.

  • When readers have signed up to read for you, I'll email you to let you know. This typically happens very quickly. You will then be sent an invoice at which time you can send the manuscript to us via email which will then be sent to the readers. Word documents are preferred because it is easier to leave comments for the authors in the manuscript.

  • The feedback will be returned to you when it is completed by the reader(s) on or before the deadline, barring any extenuating circumstances (which is rare).

  • You may contact Dirt Sugar Media at any time during the process with questions or concerns.




$3.00 USD per 1,000 words, per reader, rounded to the nearest thousand (A 60,563 word book would be $183.0 for each reader hired. 61 x 3 = 183.0)

Minimum fee is $50.

If you want previous book(s) in a series read (with no beta feedback) before the current book is beta read, the fee is half the beta reading fee ($1.50 USD per thousand words per book, per reader).

All rates are per reader. (We recommend at least 3 readers so you can get varying perspectives)

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